South Africa has a significant sheep industry with 2 primary sheep breeds farmed in the country:

  • Merino (wool sheep) and,
  • Dorper (hair sheep)

Cape Produce Company handles approx. 1.5m skins from each of these lines each year resulting in a total sheep production of 3m skins.

Merino skins are all carefully sorted and drumsalted for export.

Dorper, also known as Glover skins, are used for the production of high quality shoe, handbag and garment leather. The Dorper skin is extremely strong with an exceptionally fine grain. Skins have a thickness of approx. 1mm and can be shaved to under 0.3mm whilst still maintaining their strength. As a result of these unique properties, the South African Dorper Skin is renowned as one the finest nappa products in the world.

Dorper/Glover skins are offered either drumsalted, pickled or wetblue.
If sold in the pickle or wetblue; the skins are sorted by an expert team into a number of different grades. Buyers therefore have the option of only purchasing the specific quality suitable to their production requirements.

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